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Mar 17, 2010

Good Topics For Your Blog (Most Searched and High Paying Adsense Keywords)

There are so many topics for blogging, most important is doing something you are interested in. These keywords enlisted below are most searched topic on search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN search.

These topics can be chosen for Your Niche sites. Even if you are a matured bloggers, these topics can be good for your natural blog.

Bollywood and Hollywood Celebrities.
Technology- Gaming, Gadgets, PDA, Computing, Web, Cellphones.
Blogging Tips
Tips and tricks blog
Animation , Art or Film Making
Personal – Love , Friends , Relations
Video Blogs,
E books, wallpapers, Free downloads,
Find a Date
Online jobs, get paid from working home,
Job Searches, get a job, business
Ladies blogs- babies, parenting, beauty tips
Shares Market, Stock Exchange, Business deals
Cute – Roses , Gifts, Cards
Buy and Sell products
News, Personal Blog, Diary, electronics, home, real estate.
Cracking, passwords, security
Computer technology, Internet technologies
Schools, Scholarships, Exams, Online tuitions
Recent hot topics like- president election, company takeovers, big projects, war, Miss World etc.
Any cute, chubby topic (I don’t believe Girls still loves to read that)

So these are some the best on web, that is searched most – that pays most on Adsense as a high paying keywords. Try to give your audience what they want. Feel their needs and feel their interest, you can surely find a way to make it better and better.
Always experiment with your writing skills, advertising methods, blog topics. This can help you to improve most in your blogging career.

And remember as a blogger, you are the part of the web community which is established for all the people in the world to connect, to get the countries closer to each other. So, Never ever publish something on your blog that can heart other’s feelings. Because their feelings are also as important as you and your people.

If you all these things in mind, you can be the best blogger ever made, just try. Blog all about your thoughts,feelings, emotions, just pick one topic from above and start writing it now….

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