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Mar 15, 2010

Check Out The Affiliate Marketing 101 Guide

My friend Jonathan Volk just released a guide titled Affiliate Marketing 101. The guide is completely free, and you just need to subscribe to his email newsletter to get access.

I just went there to check the material, and I must say that it is really solid. Jonathan covers pretty much all you need to know to get started with affiliate marketing. He generated over $4 million last year in affiliate sales, so he sure knows what he is talking about, too.

Here is a list of the sections included:

* Introduction
* What Is Affiliate Marketing?
* What Is An Affiliate Network?
* Recommended Affiliate Networks
* How Does All This Come Together?
* The “Pregame”
* The “Pregame” Pt. 2 – Know Your Demographics
* The “Pregame” Pt. 3 – Setting Up Hosting / Domain Name
* Setting Up A Simple PHP Redirect
* The Landing Page
* Affiliate Marketing Methods (Basic Overview)
* Social Media Affiliate Marketing Guide
* Pay Per View Affiliate Marketing Guide
* Pay Per Click Affiliate Marketing Guide
* Media Buying Affiliate Marketing Guide
* After Your Campaigns Are Ready To Launch
* Conclusion

You’ll find the sections where he talks about affiliate marketing methods particularly useful, because he goes into details about the techniques he uses, the tricks that he found effective to generate more sales and so on.

Finally, he is also having a contest where the two people sending more referrals to the affiliate marketing guide we’ll win an Apple iPad. You’ll get your referral link once you subscribe to the newsletter. Neat promotional idea by the way, huh?

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