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Mar 18, 2010

Blog Tips To Save Your Time While Writing With ScribeFire

Which are the things that we always want in our hand while writing the new posts on our blog ? Well,they are – Good knowledge, pictures, a handy editor and some software lie FTP client and all.

Well I am enlisting here some of the blog tips that can save your time while writing your posts. It is all related to your browser & its add ons.

I guess you are aware that Mozilla Firefox is mostly preferred by blogger to blog their posts. If you don’t then keep reading . .

These Blog Tips are as follows:

1. We miss our most of time in logging in the blogs then that bulky Wordpress loads, and then new posts . . God damn it ! I always wondered that I need something fast. One thing is clear that Wordpress has great potential but to reduce the time consumed while posting our blogs we use some Firefox add ons, which can save your time.

2. First Download a ScribeFire Here. Now you just need to install this add on in your Firefox. Then configure its dashboard for number of blogs you are having. Yes any number of blogs.

3. With ScribeFire You can simply write in notepad like editor. Which is much faster and saves time from blogging.

4. It loads in the halfway through the firefox, which gives you access to your reference web pages directly. So reduces that work significantly.

5. You can view all your posts, pages ,links with Scribefire. Not just this You can also also have complete editing functionality as in Wordpress. You can simultaneously tweet the post too.

6. With ScribFire You can also add the videos from Youtube and also upload images as in Wordpress. Which makes your blog interactive and gives your visitors good knowledge.

7. You can also add some Firefox Add ons like Colorzilla to select color pallet. And FireFTP to transfer files to server.

From Now on I guess these Blog Tips you could use such save your time while you blog. Despite of the blog tips I recommend you to go to the Firefox Add on Community and brows through that hundreds of add ons. Customize your UI and save time to improve quality of your blogging with apps like Scribefire, Colorzilla & FireFTP.

Hope these small blog tips can help to make most out of your blogs. Please Fell free to ask , suggest and criticize in our comments box.

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